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Time to Move?

Whether a move is within a few blocks or across the country, the transition can be stressful - we have the resources to help make the transition run smoothly. Our Care Managers work with seniors and family members to help find the most appropriate home, with services to fit the client’s needs. Once the older adult is comfortably relocated, we can also help you in listing a home, packing and making moving arrangements.

Assistance with Moves

If an older adult needs to move to a more supportive environment, our Care Managers ease that transition by first discussing the different levels of care, i.e., independent living, assisted living, memory care, etc. After identifying the appropriate level of care, our Care Managers suggest several local facilities, discussing the pros and cons of each so the older adult and their family can make an informed choice. Not all supportive environments are the same. We know what questions to ask and what to look for to ensure the right fit and best services for the client.

Our Care Managers can also help older adults settle into their new residential community by working with the staff, making introductions to fellow residents, or joining them on a few activities until they feel comfortable attending on their own. Assistance during those few first weeks can really make a difference.

If you think it may be time for you or a loved one to move, ElderCare Solutions of Michigan is here to assist in this delicate process.

When the time was right, ElderCare Solutions of Michigan helped us find the facility that best met our mother’s increasing needs. They did the important legwork that we were unable to do and made arrangements for organizing and effecting a seamless transition to an assisted living facility, where they continue to visit and support her.

~Lenny T., Santa Fe, NM

When Considering A Move

Our discussion with clients and family members regarding moving is handled gently, on a case-by-case basis. Some seniors may not be willing to move, while others are receptive to the idea and understand the benefits of a different living environment. If you’re not sure it’s time for you or your loved one to move, click here for some indicators to help with your decision.

ElderCare Solutions of Michigan can help in a variety of ways. Click on each of the links below for more information.

If you think it’s time to consider a move, call us at (248) 592-1944. We can help you sort through the best options for making modifications to a current living environment or help with a move to a more suitable living situation.

If you prefer us to contact you, please fill out our contact form.

The Faces of ElderCare

It's always helpful to hear from people who have been in similar situations. Click on the photos below to hear from some of our clients and their family members.

Doris Holberg
Carole Shaw
Gary Weisserman
Dolly Weisserman
Gary Weisserman

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When to Call

  • Does an older adult's family live out of town?
  • Are local family members overwhelmed and need help?
  • Is an older adult about to be discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation center?
  • Do family members have differences of opinion regarding a senior's care?
  • Is a senior living in an environment that needs aging-in-place modifications?

If the answer to any of these is "yes," ElderCare Solutions of Michigan can help. Call us today.

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